Friday, September 09, 2011

Countdown RWC 2011: Starts today!!!

So if the past few days of images of Rugby's past got you a little stoked to check out what is going on today then I suggest you find a way to tune in and begin cheering on your country or favorite teams in this the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
 Since today it all begins I figured I would save the best for last, as in where it all started, this game played in Heaven, Rugby School in Rugby England.
Rugby School, Warwickshire, England. October 1923. Photographer not known.
Also held onto my favorite image till now... so good.
Wellington New Zealand circa 1930's. Photographer William Hall Raine.
This is a nifty little side story... Rugby, as most sports, is steeped in tradition. The above whistle will be used in the opening game. Go here to learn more about the whistle and where it comes from.
Now to the games.

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