Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Old Town.

I may have already talked about this company or I saw their goods someplace.... I can not remember. None the less I am a fan. Now is it wrong for one to long to be in someone elses shoes? In this case I am guilty, for what the fine folks over at Old Town Clothing are doing not only excites me but their shop space and its interiors push me over the edge to a point of almost obsession. I pulled from their site a little description of what they are doing. In their own words.
"Old Town is a clothing manufacturer producing approx. 50 garments per week from our own workshop using British cottons, woollens and linens wherever possible.Garments are selected from an evolving range offered in various sizes, fabrics and colours. Items are individually cut, sewn and finished before despatch by post.The process takes about 4-6 weeks.Garments are made to order as opposed to made to measure - giving the customer the opportunity to return the items if not satisfied."

They have their own styles taken from actual garments built in the late 1900's. They have their own collection of cloth to choose from for each style and they have a nice little shop that they build them as well as sell them in. One day I hope to be so lucky in offering and having something similar..... One day.

To see more of their offerings go Here.


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