Thursday, April 09, 2009

Keep Em Short.

I have been away for a while as I have been mov'n the family and I up to the Pacific North West...
More on that later.

As the weather is changing and the sun seams to stick around much longer I find that as much as I love the cold seasons were layering is vital, I must eventually give in and face the hard facts that change is part of life and that with that change comes warm and hot weather.... *sigh*
So I have been thinking a lot about short sleeve woven shirts.
While poking around Blackbirds online shop I have found a few very good examples of what I have been dwelling on.
A nice solid from Band of Outsiders.

and this lovely plaid shirting from Gitman.

Now this piece I love cause of the longer sleeve that is then rolled. A must do style detail for sure. Here is a nice excerpt from Blackbirds blog post on this very shirt.
"The Gitman factory has been operating since 1948, producing signature high-quality shirts.... The sleeves are slightly less than half-length which allows a good amount of room to roll them up for a cool relaxed look. The bright summery fabrics go great with a preppy or Americana style or as a feel-good accent to any other outfit you might come up with.
With the Gitman Vintage collection was created as sort of a reinterpretation of the original designs that Gitman became first known for. The team behind the designs studied old linesheets and designs to come up with the cuts and recreated the original fabrics to achieve this authentic historic collection."

Spot on.


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