Friday, April 10, 2009

The Del Pueblo.

I recently turned the big three zero and for my birthday I received not one but two treadle sewing machines! It may be a strange gift to want especially when opening a new decade of life but as I have been moving forward in my desires to build quality goods based off of inspiration from the past I figured why not learn how to use one of these machines to build some of my own garments. There is something special about using a machine that uses your own power to drive it and the rhythm is somewhat mesmerizing.

Here is one of them that I got. This is what I think of as a work horse, the 'Del Pueblo' which my wife bought for me. I like that it is clean and simple, ready to work. As I have done a little research online I can not find anything about this machine. I have found on the machine its self that it says "made in Japan"....?

I have not yet had a chance to mess around and get to know her very well as we have moved shortly after I received it and so she is packed away in some storage warehouse somewhere in west Seattle. But I tell you I am very anxious to play....
Let you know how it goes once she is out and running.


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