Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grab Your Push Bike & Go.

The Tweed Run. All I can say is I am soooooo Jealous!
This looks like it would have been one great ride! And the garb that was being thrown around... amazing!

This is something that is worth taking note just because it is not a common sight on any city street these days. What it would be like if people actually wanted, and did, don this dress daily? I know I would be excited to go out each day! I guess then it would not be so novel... what a fine edge sword that is.
Here is the link list to gather your own stock pile of images of the event.
Though it looks like Mrs. Roxy is the main source for all the images everyone has hijacked for their posts (including myself, thank you Mrs. R) so might as well go to the source Roxy.

Here is a few more who have posted about the ride.
Continuous Lean.
Lark About.


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