Friday, January 30, 2009

The Art of Wardrobe Building.

Today I took a visit on-line to see E.Tautz, an English menswear company, and I was stopped by this phrase found upon their site:

The art of Wardrobe Building.
"The Englishman cherishes his life of boyish adventure and the wardrobe he so carefully assembles is a testament to his ever-changing pursuits. This wardrobe is more than merely a storage space; it is a collection of pieces as carefully selected as any collection of paintings. The art of wardrobe building is not a fast or haphazard activity: instead it is a developed and nurtured over time. A mans wardrobe may rather eloquently tell the story of his life less ordinary."

I find this to be so insanely amazing! I have never thought of actually consciously collecting and building my 'wardrobe'. Though, as I look at what I have obtained over the years I find that I have been doing it in a rather unconscious way. In this day and age of mass market consumerism and throw-away fashion this, to me, is a breath of fresh air.

With the economy, and its uncertain future, this may be a great eye opener. Do not stop spending what little you may have on fashion but actually think it out and build a collection of pieces that will last a lifetime or even more. This is were a good tailor comes in handy. As you go through your personal 'collection' there are things, such as denim, that may still be very good but a little too lose a style in the leg than what you may prefer, do not buy a new pair but have it brought in and altered to fit. Have that tweed jacket fitted properly in the waist and maybe get it cut a little shorter in the hem. Through adversity great ideas arise, apply it to your style and 'wardrobe' building to make it work. Now to find a GOOD tailor. That will be another story.


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