Thursday, October 30, 2008


While out to lunch today with the family my son played around with the sugars and I saw this one while cleaning up. I can not tell you what it is about it but I really like the layout and colors of this logo. I love finding inspiration from everyday things that are around us and we deal with on a regular basis.

What have you noticed in a different light that you might not have noticed before? Is there something in your life that inspires but others just might take for granted?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Calling Card.

On Monday I planed to attend the LA Textile Show and needed to have some business cards. So this past weekend I decided to build some. I really enjoyed the process of building them and seeing the final product. Being my first go at it I think there are a few things that need to be reworked but I am pleased with how they turned out. They reflect the feeling of what Redcrow is about.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Tools.

While recently jumping around the 'ol intro-net I became inspired by a post at Luci and I about getting a new dress form, among other things. That got me thinking back to how excited I was on my first dress form. It was nothing great, in fact it was a very cheap adjustable number that was super flimsy and not very accurate shape wise, but it was mine. I had recently graduated high school and just started to get real interested in fashion and design as a possible career choice and so I was super excited. Never being completely happy with what I had, I longed to have a 'real' dress form that you see designers using in the glossy magazines. Several years later I got a 'real' dress form from the closing of Utah Tailoring. It was a mess of a form that had been used and put to work for many, many years. Oh but I was on a high bringing her home. I had to completely remake the outside covering cause she was a tattered mess. She now stands alone unused with my books as I have been doing menswear for the last seven or so years, but I still love my dress form.

That gets me thinking even more about the 'tools of the trade' and how much they mean to me as things I longed to have when I was younger and just starting out trying to be a Designer of clothing. They are simple things but hold so much nostalgia and pride. Each piece I obtained used so it had a previous life before coming into mine. What stories they have I can only guess but to me when I use them it is something special.....

These shears also came from the closing of Utah Tailoring. They were purchased for me by my Grandmother. They are long fat and heavy but the sound they make while cutting fabric is like music.
I have wanted to get an industrial sewing machine ever since I started making my own clothing back in High School. It is what the pros use and I wanted one. When I started attending FIDM here in LA I was surrounded by shops that sold used industrial machines and I had to have one. A dream come true. I don't think it is the best one out there and I have broken a lot of needles with her but it is mine. And when you turn the power on the hum of the moter brings chills.
When I started making patterns at school I was introduced to the "Rabbit Punch", a super heavy industrial hole puch that sat at the end of our pattern tables. I kind of fell onto this one by chance a few years back and have used it regularly the last few months. It has become a good friend as not only punching holes for my pattern hooks but to hold down fabric while marking it to be cut.

And the tailors thimble.... It actualy takes some getting use to useing. I love it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Natural Dye.

While doing research the last few days for design ideas and inspiration I recently discovered India Flint. She is an amazing artist from, as she states on her blog, the big island west of New Zealand. She works with natural dyes on fabric and her work is amazing. Well I am in love at least.
She has a book called Eco colour: botanical dyes for beautiful textiles. I found a nice write up about her book here. This is definitely going on my 'wish list' for Christmas.

Here are a few more amazing examples of her work that I found on her web site.

I have a few books that I got last year that are all about plant dye and what plants to grow in your garden to get what colors. Unfortunately I do not have a good place to grow plants but as I write this I feel like it is a poor excuse. I just need to do it. You never know unless you try, right. Look how much fun this would be!image from window on white

There is something about natural dyes and the look of the colors and fabric that makes me happy. Also being able to take a plain piece of fabric and make it come alive through the work of your own hands and the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what you are going to get. Amazing.

Keep on Keep'n on.

Unemployment line Phili. PA. 1930's

It has been a while since my last post. I have been very busy with trying to update and 'refresh' my portfolio. It has been over three months now since I was blessed (?) with being laid off from my design job at Vans. It has been a bigger challenge in finding work than I originally thought. I knew that it would take a while, just....

Since I have been spending most of my day on the computer working on the updates for my portfolio I have found that I miss building plaids. Yesterday I spent the whole day researching ideas for my 'little' project that I have been developing to help get income and fulfill a goal and decided, at 11:30pm last night, that I wanted to mock up a few plaids. Here is a sample of the nights labors.

Now if I only had access to a fabric mill that would let me make them for free that would be amazing. I can dream...
Till then I will use them for swatches to use as a 'guide' to help me while searching for fabric to use in the development of the designs and ideas for the project.

If any one else is in the same boat as I, working on finding work, or just need a boost, I found this today while reading.
"Talent doesn't have everything to do with it. Knowing just what to do, how to it, when to do it, and then doing it are the keys." Sean Moore, 'How to Make Money as an Artist'
Now go and DO!!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Comfort in The Food.

Last Saturday was the first 'real' feeling fall day of the year. It was nice and overcast through most of the day and the air had a nice chill to it. We had a nice dinner of 'Sweet 'N Sour Meatballs' over rice and that got me thinking of comfort food. This is my new favorite fall/Autumn meal. It just felt right and was a great meal for the day.

Unfortunately being in SoCal the weather has climbed back up to the hot days....*sigh*
But what is your comfort food? Or what meal brings back the best memories?