Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keep on Keep'n on.

Unemployment line Phili. PA. 1930's

It has been a while since my last post. I have been very busy with trying to update and 'refresh' my portfolio. It has been over three months now since I was blessed (?) with being laid off from my design job at Vans. It has been a bigger challenge in finding work than I originally thought. I knew that it would take a while, just....

Since I have been spending most of my day on the computer working on the updates for my portfolio I have found that I miss building plaids. Yesterday I spent the whole day researching ideas for my 'little' project that I have been developing to help get income and fulfill a goal and decided, at 11:30pm last night, that I wanted to mock up a few plaids. Here is a sample of the nights labors.

Now if I only had access to a fabric mill that would let me make them for free that would be amazing. I can dream...
Till then I will use them for swatches to use as a 'guide' to help me while searching for fabric to use in the development of the designs and ideas for the project.

If any one else is in the same boat as I, working on finding work, or just need a boost, I found this today while reading.
"Talent doesn't have everything to do with it. Knowing just what to do, how to it, when to do it, and then doing it are the keys." Sean Moore, 'How to Make Money as an Artist'
Now go and DO!!!!

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