Friday, October 17, 2008

My Tools.

While recently jumping around the 'ol intro-net I became inspired by a post at Luci and I about getting a new dress form, among other things. That got me thinking back to how excited I was on my first dress form. It was nothing great, in fact it was a very cheap adjustable number that was super flimsy and not very accurate shape wise, but it was mine. I had recently graduated high school and just started to get real interested in fashion and design as a possible career choice and so I was super excited. Never being completely happy with what I had, I longed to have a 'real' dress form that you see designers using in the glossy magazines. Several years later I got a 'real' dress form from the closing of Utah Tailoring. It was a mess of a form that had been used and put to work for many, many years. Oh but I was on a high bringing her home. I had to completely remake the outside covering cause she was a tattered mess. She now stands alone unused with my books as I have been doing menswear for the last seven or so years, but I still love my dress form.

That gets me thinking even more about the 'tools of the trade' and how much they mean to me as things I longed to have when I was younger and just starting out trying to be a Designer of clothing. They are simple things but hold so much nostalgia and pride. Each piece I obtained used so it had a previous life before coming into mine. What stories they have I can only guess but to me when I use them it is something special.....

These shears also came from the closing of Utah Tailoring. They were purchased for me by my Grandmother. They are long fat and heavy but the sound they make while cutting fabric is like music.
I have wanted to get an industrial sewing machine ever since I started making my own clothing back in High School. It is what the pros use and I wanted one. When I started attending FIDM here in LA I was surrounded by shops that sold used industrial machines and I had to have one. A dream come true. I don't think it is the best one out there and I have broken a lot of needles with her but it is mine. And when you turn the power on the hum of the moter brings chills.
When I started making patterns at school I was introduced to the "Rabbit Punch", a super heavy industrial hole puch that sat at the end of our pattern tables. I kind of fell onto this one by chance a few years back and have used it regularly the last few months. It has become a good friend as not only punching holes for my pattern hooks but to hold down fabric while marking it to be cut.

And the tailors thimble.... It actualy takes some getting use to useing. I love it.


Glover Photography said...

Dude awesome post. Love the pics and the details. Good work son!

Redcrow said...

Thank you.