Thursday, January 31, 2008

And Now We Battle.

I Finished the battle axes! Now I am waiting for the rubber to arrive and then it is play time.... In regards to the rubber I know that it is not the best but I am still new at this awesome sport so I figured I would learn to walk before I run, so I went for a good basic.

This was a fun project. Maybe I will do sum more in the future. (?) Only time will tell... and if anyone else actually would want to get one for them selfs.

Now it is time to go break it in!!!

Next up: I will be up in Washington for my brother-in-law's wedding for the next week. And then I am jumping into more tailoring projects and getting the Table Tennis uniforms made.
Also got a few art projects to bust out. So it looks like another busy month in February.

How are your projects coming along?
If you have not started any why not do it now.... Cheers.

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