Friday, January 18, 2008


Wow what a week... it does not really seam like it was much but when you are going to bed late every night and getting up early the next day it really takes a toll. But I think it is worth it to finish a project and know that you are creating something.

I have been wanting to share my favorite Japanese magazines for a while. Japanese magazines are an addiction one that I fill once or twice a month at kinokuniya in South Coast.
I am very fortunate to have one close by.

There is something about Japanese magazines, especially for fashion, that is so great. American magazines are full of adds, so much so that I think we should not have to pay for them cause all they are is nothing but a book of advertisements.... lame. But Japanese magazines are like art and a dictionary of what to buy and how to make it work. Not only that but they fill the pages with details of most of the clothing they are covering and they have step by step how to's that are so great!

well enough of that. Here are my top 3.

Free & Easy - a men's magazine that focuses on rugged new and vintage clothing. Such a great piece of work here.

Fudge - by far my favorite womans fashion magazine. The style and looks are so great. Natural artistic and fluid.

Come Home - I think this is the bible of Zakka lifestyle. The images are so beautiful and inspiring. Plus they share so much with you on how to find the right piece to how to cook a great home made bread and the coverage of Zakka shops and artist is heaven sent, or really nice at least. I love just looking through this magazine over and over again it is so inspiring.

So those are my go to rags of choice. Though I ordered the men's version of Fudge, fudge men, and am going to pick it up tomorrow so I might have a number 4 pick as well.

I am starting a new collection of designs so I want to keep sharing my inspiration. I have a few things up my sleeve so watch out.

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