Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ruff Sketch: RCo. CH.2

I have become madly in love with the game of table tennis! So much so that I have started to play as much as possible and regularly on Wednesday night. Well like most things that I get way stoked on I find that it influences my designing. I have started to put together a little collection for myself that I hope to begin to cut and sew in the very very near future (after I get all the other projects I am rocking right now off my plate) here is a little sample of a few things I have drawn up. But this is just a few ideas, still a work in progress.....

I find that, like most sports, the apparel options are really quite short of style. I know that when playing any sport that it is good to do so in functional apparel but come on do you have to look like a slob in un-fitting baggy clothing. Were is the style? And why does no one really offer any well cut and well fitting sports wear? I think sportswear fell apart after the 1960's if not before.
Anyway, enough ranting. So since I am doing this for myself I plan to do it how I want. Maybe I will not be the best player but I hope to be the best dressed! My big influence comes from the early days of sportswear (early 1900- 20 & 30's) Also form old gentleman's sports clubs and collegiate prep school team uniforms.

Along with the apparel side of things I also am working on making my own bat or paddle.
Here is a layout that I threw together with a paint scheme for the handle and logo prints that I am going to put on the blade (even thought it will be covered with the rubber) Also notice the logo that I came up with that pulls sum of the same elements from the main REDCROW logo I created. Fun times.

And of course I will take heaps of pics along the way so check back often... Till then.


hugogalllego said...

//beautifull colletion and ideas.. i hope see soon the result... congratullations//


Redcrow Quality Goods said...

Thank you. It is a work in progress but I will keep updating on the progress as it happens.