Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pong in Style.

Today while jumping around the ol intronet I found an image of Naomi Yotsumoto of Japan on ITTF web site. So naturly I had to find out more about her... Since I do not read Japanese very well I did not get a lot of info.
What I could gather is she is a pro table tennis player who makes her own outfits for play. I am not a super fan of her exact style but I love that she is doing her own thing and enjoying herself. here is a little excerp I found here
Her uniform obsession began after she graduated from college. “I wanted to show myself. So with that, I wanted to change the image of ‘Table tennis is stupid.’ ”
She has designed the uniforms that she is wearing [in the Japanese National Championships]. She wore a cream number that exposed her left shoulder and also had a “Paris daisy” in her hair. She advanced to the quarterfinals in the mixed doubles, but lost in the fourth round of the women’s singles.
“Without a doubt, I wouldn’t wear gear that would be a hindrance to my play. (As for the loud uniforms), I understand the pros and cons, but I want to continue with it.”
I hope she keeps it up and look forward to see more of her in the future.

Also on fashion and TT, at the VW womans world cup in 2007 they had a fashion show...
It is not the best looking fashion, well not the syle that I like or would design, but at lest they are doing somthing about the stail uniform looks that are in ProTT. I think woman's golf has the right idea and start for style. Now to work on the men's wear.

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