Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From The Archives: Graphics & Labels

It has been quite some time since putting words down here at REDCROW blogspot... Unfortunately  the projects as of late have been few and far between since last November but the itch is there and it is need'n to be scratched. The sketch book is full so it is high time to get  a build'n! Lot's of goods are in the works for some very near future funtimes. As always will get to a sharing as the projects begin to take shape.

As for now, I recently had the great fortune of taking time out of the regular schedule and hit up a few spots to dig and gather, something I need to do more often.

Here are a few images for your viewing pleasure. Sticking with a focus on the details, mostly graphics and inner neck labels.

Here are a few random assortment of various graphics and packageing.

Also, upon one outing I come upon this beauty of a cover-all!
Big fan of the chain stitch embroidery.

Well a time it is a waist'n so...
Back to it!

Cheers &
>>>--'Keep On Crow'N--->

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