Monday, September 20, 2010

R/Co. Project: Travel'n Trunk

Way back at the ending of spring we needed a way to do a nice presentation, something that could carry some of the goods in a somewhat easy manner.
I have had this old trunk since I was in junior high school. My mother had put fancy stuff inside it so she decided to line it with some kitschy country striped fabric.

Well that is not exactly the look that we are going for so it needed to be redone. I was in a time crunch so decided to just cover it with some tea dyed cotton sheeting that was laying around.

After that was all complete, with industrial staples and all, it needed a way to wheel it about with some ease. So gathered up some wood from the wood pile...
and built a platform.

can't do much without a way to move it so put on some wheels.

Needed something to be able to attach the base with wheels onto the trunk so I found some old rope up in the rafters of the garage and cut her loose.

Once all complete it packed up nicely and you just wheel her away...

Fun times....
What kind of goodies have you been working on building?


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