Thursday, September 09, 2010

Get'n Settled.

Wow Friday is almost upon us... again!
Sometimes time just fly's by. Throw in a short work week and it doubles in speed.

Last weekend the family and I, with some help from our friends,  loaded up the trucks with everything we own and moved house. It went very well and we are super stoked to be in the new abode.
Moved the machines & sewing tools into the 'Shed' out back and am really excited to set up shop... But all good things are not always perfect, and this story is no different.
The other night I was out moving things around in the 'Shed' and trying to get it into a workable space so we can jump back into getting the projects that are still up in the air accomplished. That involves unpacking a few boxes and packing up others that are not needed any time soon. Get out the 'ol tape gun and go to town on a box, all the sudden "COULD YOU TRY AND KEEP IT DOWN! IT WOULD BE VERY APPRECIATED!!!" (enter a forcefully shut window) Slam!

You know how when you get so into something the blinders kind of come on and you see nothing else? Well, that was me and the 'Shed'. I saw the shed and nothing else. Um, the house next door, well, it is really next door, like 2ft. away. With the window open and a crotchety old lady on the other side of that window! *Sigh* It would not be that big of a deal but most nights I am building goods well into the night not a good combo with an old koot  trying to sleep! So, got to move the work shop back into the garage. It is not a bad thing, but I was so excited to build out the 'Shed'. Oh Well. At least still got space to muck about in, right?

The next day added more silliness to my already troubled day and I had to just mess around with my newly accuried color markers (see above) That was fun.

Update on the show.
Lost my 2nd look because kids are not allowed into the venue that is a 21 or older club. Not so bad but it is a week away! Not fun news! Oh well welcome to life, it never runs smooth, but what fun would that be, right. So just pick'n myself up and keep it going.  Just working on my one look now.
Cut out the shirt.

Finished up the neckwear.

Well it is almost the weekend! Back to it....
Have a good one.


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