Monday, November 09, 2009

A Night On The Town.

The sky was falling, it was getting dark and the weekend was soon upon us. So I gathered up the wife and kids and we headed out into the night to have a little fun and to check out "The Field House"!It may sound a little strange but I was actually very excited to check out the new shop by the Blackbird team.... And I was not disappointed.
Since moving to the Great Northwest I have been missing the shopping experience that I have been use to in the LA area. To say there is a void of good shops n' Boutiques here is everything short of an understatement. Very few and very far between. So "The Field House" is a welcomed addition.
This past Friday they had a little open house for the shop. Warm beverages and a warm welcoming. It was a great chance to meet with the crew that made it happen and mingle with those that want to support it. My boys even had a good time. So thank you Blackbird for the night out.

If you have not had a chance to make out there yet make sure you do.


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Rebecca Lynn said...

I love these photos - I feel like I'm actually there. :)