Sunday, February 08, 2009

Spring Collections: 68&Brothers.

The new spring 2009 collection from 68&brothers is up here.
Looking over the goods offered it is not so much a spring collection as it is a collection of goods that are available with a spring delivery date.
With that said, I am not sure were you can get the goods state side, but I am really liking their 'Army Hood' jacket. The simplicity of the jacket and the fact that it is a pullover attracts me for some reason. Also really into the 'Fireman Pants'. I am a big fan of the details on these pants. The fit I am not so sure about.I know they are both based off of actual workwear samples from days gone by... Here is a question, with today's remakes of old workwear is it ok to update it with modern fits and finishes or is it best just to knock it off and try and keep it as close and true to the original? Is that really designing of is it just styling a look? If you are a real traditionalist then you would buy the original to begin with and scoff at the remake. But if you are down for the look, style, function, and dear I say, trend, then does this matter as long as you feel good wearing it? I will give my thoughts on this on a later date....

Anyway, I also found this on their site while rooting around a bit. This jacket is a must have! I am not sure who it is made by..? (downside of not knowing Japanese Kana and Katakana) I have been wanting to build a jacket out of an old army blanket since way back in 1999 when I had the idea while sitting on the dock of ZCMI department store waiting for a delivery to come in while I was working there.....

Have a good one.

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