Monday, February 16, 2009

Must Have: Band Of Outsiders, F/W09

Yes I know spring weather has not even hit the states yet and already the designers are showing their Fall/Winter 2009 collections.
Well I am not much of a fan of the spring or summer months when it comes to dressing. I find it hard to wear very little but if you layer on a jacket or sweater then the heat is up and I just drip like a dirty mop... so I like F/W much better.
With that said, the other night Mr.Sternberg, creator of the Band of Outsiders, put on his little showing of his F/W09 collection. (To see a nice overview go here.)

My must have from this collection of goods has to be this toggle coat. I am drawn into it for some reason, one that I can just not put my finger on... I just like it.


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