Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Must Visit: The Jalopy Journal.

If you are into old cars and hot rods then you already should know about the Jalopy Journal. If not, and you like machines that are loud and fast with the beauty of the hand finished details then you need to check this site out. If you are a man then you need to at least pop on over and pay a visit to this site.(Women too if this is your thing or just curious) If you like early Americana, mostly with a focus on post war era, then this is a must for stories, images, and know how. What is it you say, well I will let them tell you..." (We aim) to spread the gospel of traditional Hot Rods and Kustoms to hoodlums worldwide… We wanted to be the voice of the working man, a tool in the toolbox of the guy that does it himself, and a place where citizen journalists could show the “big-time” media a thing or two. We haven’t done it all yet, but we aim to in time…"
So go over and help them out. While there check out the H.A.M.B., the online forum that shares insight into each article and post on the Journal as well as updates on folks who are building or Kustomizing their own rigs.


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