Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here is a sneak peak at the latest project(s) that I have been working on. I have been developing the look and feel and am very excited about it and how it is turning out. The image above is a mock up of how the hang tag will look. I am not quite ready for the big launch of it yet so I will share more when it comes into being. So excited!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


While perusing some of my favorite designers sites today I went and had a look through Burfitt and her Fall'08 collection. I love the fotography! it is dark but something about it really intrigues me and draws me in. I like foto shoots that tell a story and that are a little dark and aged in look and feel. It is so fitting for fall. I love fall!

I love fall cause it is the change of seasons, the change of light, and cooler weather. In the fall season I just get so happy. Some people love heat, I like cold, some like spring and the new flowers, I like changing leaves and fall harvest... Though living in LA you do not get the full effect of fall... it is just another sun filled day no cloud in sight same same same. Blaaa.... well, even here you can feel there is a different energy and the light it is different. That is what has kept me sane while being 'stuck' here. *SIGH*

One day I do hope that my back yard looks like this in the fall.... one day.
something like this would be awesom! Dreams....(image found on terragalleria.com)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Been Away.

I have been working on a 'little' project as of late and plan to focus on it for a while. Since being without a full time job I have found that no one is in a real hurry to hire so I wait. But I am not able to sit idle, so I create. Will keep posting every now and then to share the details when they happen.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Hand In Earnest.

I have not visited the Earnest Cut & Sewn site in a long time and was pleased to find that it had been updated. (probably way back in January, I said I have not been there in a while) I love the shop and the look and feel of the goods found within the walls. If I open a shop one day I hope that it has the same look and feel as this, one of an old general & dry goods store. A place were you want to not only visit but linger.

They recently opened a shop here in LA that I have not gone to visit yet and I guess another one just opened in August in Malibu... I really need to get out. There are so many new shops that I have not visited as well as the regulars that I have not been to in such a long time. Next week I will try and get out, we will see.
Along with the shops look and feel I also really strongly believe in the same aesthetics as the founder, Scott Morrison. (watch this video on Martha about his company and the process)The focus on vintage Americana and Japanese Wabi-Sabi (perfection is found in the imperfect) Each of his garments are made by one person on a single needle sewing machine to show the imperfections of the human hand. There is something truly beautiful about that imperfection. This is what also drew me to Margaret Kilgallen and her work, that love and focus of the imperfect human hand. No matter how hard we try, anything we do by hand will not be perfect.

Here is a video from PBS's Art:21 with Margaret. There is just something about her work...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I began the day fixing the leaky bathroom faucet. Yes I did. It is actually very easy to do and like most things in life you just need to do it.

On to my day.
Blackbird, in Seattle, I visit their blog often as noted on the side bar under Daily Read. Well upon my visit today I drifted over to check out some older posts of Diet Butcher Slim Skin, a Japanese brand... um, from japan. Anyway, I like shoes that are not just another sneaker/tennis shoe/athletic/slip-on/you get the point. A sneaker head I am not, I guess would have been easier to say. But I am a fan of hand made leather, I guess would be called dress shoes, though I do not think the ones I like are so much 'dress' as in they are just awesome. (as some of my older posts would point out)
Enough, just look at these! Awesome!

But my favorite part is the nailed sole and insole.

Down side to all this is hand made shoes are not cheep which is why I want to make shoes, so I can aford them. If you know me you know that I want to do a lot of things but shoes, no hand made shoes, intrigue me for some reason. Found this on the ol' youtube (might have posted this before...?)

Moving on:
After blackbird went over to We Are The Market for a little browsing and was thrilled that they have a few posts. They have been gone to shows for a bit so not a lot of updates.
Got hooked up with men's online mag Valet and found a nice article about Steven Alan.(here) I like his work, good shirts. I like learning about other people and how and why they do things.
Also at WATM they had a little tid bit with a brand Deerdana. I am not fan persay but I like her style of doing hand drawn grafx and just doing black on white. Keep it simple.
Must be the hand drawn style but kind of reminds me of kendi, the new york tie maker/photo dude.

Ok that is it for now. Go make something.