Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I began the day fixing the leaky bathroom faucet. Yes I did. It is actually very easy to do and like most things in life you just need to do it.

On to my day.
Blackbird, in Seattle, I visit their blog often as noted on the side bar under Daily Read. Well upon my visit today I drifted over to check out some older posts of Diet Butcher Slim Skin, a Japanese brand... um, from japan. Anyway, I like shoes that are not just another sneaker/tennis shoe/athletic/slip-on/you get the point. A sneaker head I am not, I guess would have been easier to say. But I am a fan of hand made leather, I guess would be called dress shoes, though I do not think the ones I like are so much 'dress' as in they are just awesome. (as some of my older posts would point out)
Enough, just look at these! Awesome!

But my favorite part is the nailed sole and insole.

Down side to all this is hand made shoes are not cheep which is why I want to make shoes, so I can aford them. If you know me you know that I want to do a lot of things but shoes, no hand made shoes, intrigue me for some reason. Found this on the ol' youtube (might have posted this before...?)

Moving on:
After blackbird went over to We Are The Market for a little browsing and was thrilled that they have a few posts. They have been gone to shows for a bit so not a lot of updates.
Got hooked up with men's online mag Valet and found a nice article about Steven Alan.(here) I like his work, good shirts. I like learning about other people and how and why they do things.
Also at WATM they had a little tid bit with a brand Deerdana. I am not fan persay but I like her style of doing hand drawn grafx and just doing black on white. Keep it simple.
Must be the hand drawn style but kind of reminds me of kendi, the new york tie maker/photo dude.

Ok that is it for now. Go make something.


Megan said...

Thanks for fixing the leak. It was driving me crazy

Bekah said...

I never knew you had a beard growing ritual. I've learned something new today, I can check it off ;).