Wednesday, September 17, 2008


While perusing some of my favorite designers sites today I went and had a look through Burfitt and her Fall'08 collection. I love the fotography! it is dark but something about it really intrigues me and draws me in. I like foto shoots that tell a story and that are a little dark and aged in look and feel. It is so fitting for fall. I love fall!

I love fall cause it is the change of seasons, the change of light, and cooler weather. In the fall season I just get so happy. Some people love heat, I like cold, some like spring and the new flowers, I like changing leaves and fall harvest... Though living in LA you do not get the full effect of fall... it is just another sun filled day no cloud in sight same same same. Blaaa.... well, even here you can feel there is a different energy and the light it is different. That is what has kept me sane while being 'stuck' here. *SIGH*

One day I do hope that my back yard looks like this in the fall.... one day.
something like this would be awesom! Dreams....(image found on

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