Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mix It Up And Bake It.

As mentioned on the family page i made a chicken pot pie. I was stoked to eat it in Utah and decided that it needed a little something different (like not use frozen veggies, i do not like frozen veggies) So here it is.....

2 cans cream of potato
2-3 cups chicken or 1 rotisserie chicken (I used two 12.5oz. cans of chicken in water)
1/2 cup milk
1/8 t. thyme
1/3 t. pepper
and this is were you add the veggies i decided to use 1 can corn, 1 can green beans, diced carrots, diced celery.
I added a touch of secret spice as well as a pinch of rosemary... so spice to flavor.

Mix it all together in a bowl and place into pie crust and then add the pie top. (i used a pre made pie crust that is found in the grocers fridge by the croissants)

pre heat oven at 350 and then bake at 40-45 min or until golden brown. eat and be stoked simple huh?
Note: since the carrots and celery are fresh they have a bit of a crunch, which Meg. said she liked. Next time I want to try all fresh veg. so will have to soak them to soften them up.

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