Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Click, Click, Click....

This morning as i began my day starting with email checking i received notification that Scoute, an online fashion and style magazine, had a new issue out. So clicked over and started to check it out. By so doing i ended up at blackbird in Seattle and at Stephan Schneider in Antwerp. It is amazing how you can travel the world within seconds all with your finger tips.....

While cruzing around at blackbird i found shoes by Rachel Comey that i like, cause i like shoes.

And I like this look from Nom De Guerre

And then over at Stephan Schneider. i have never heard of him but upon visiting i found that i like his work so added him to the ol' bookmarks. Nice clean and very wearable almost classic goods. i like that.

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Blackbird said...

Hi Redcrow guy! I am Nicole and I own Blackbird. You seem like someone I would like to meet some day. Email me and maybe we can be friends.