Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blue Table Time!

It is finally here! The Table Tennis competition at the Beijing Olympic games! i am so excited!
What i am even more stoked on is the fact that i can watch the matches. In the good ol' days before this high speed intro-net stuff you had to watch on tv and only the things that the producers thought would bring in the most viewers.(gymnastics, track and field, and diving) Now i go here and watch whatever event i want.... and i have. Not only am i stoked on table tennis action but i have been watching the battle for archery gold.

It was awesome to see korea women and men win gold for the team event. Korea women team archery have won gold every single Olympics since 1988 when they changed the rules! Now that is a feat!

Along with archery and table tennis I have been keeping up with
field hockey,
(what the... can anyone tell me why shooting an air rifle you need to dress like that all padded up?)

and badmitin.

good times now go watch to your hearts content.

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