Monday, October 22, 2012

First it was ok just to have a little blog to post up some thoughts and show a few things in the works. Then came the myspace and the facebook and the twitter and somewhere along the way there was tumblr and now the pintrest. Yes I have a pintrest. Yes I sometime only use myspace for music... well now I have joined in on the Spotify. Yes Facebook is up but not updated like it should be. Somewhere along the line I missed out on the Tumblr gig as I thought "why I have a blog" but for some strange reason I just randomly set up an account last month. Oh yeah because to post Instagram images that everyone can see outside of the silly little app they let you link up to Tumblr. Man this Tumblr thing is addicting in a strange "not sure why" kind of way. I find that I have posted up over 100 images from my camera to the random inspo images stolen from other sites on the web this month alone. I have no idea why it is any different than other blog hosting sites other than images and random quotes are all the rage over there. And I guess part of the reason I like it is it does what I was doing for a minute with the weekenders, post an image and you click on the image and it links you to the original, like a visual link list. Well that is if all of the other Tumblr kids are willing to add that little link....

 Anyway just wanted to let you know that REDCROW has a Tumblr and if you want to follow along why just come on over and click that follow button up in the right hand corner.

This does not mean that this here little ol' blog spot will be left alone.... just it might not be updated as much cause I am human and that means lazy...

Well back to it... Thanks for visiting.


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dwiggs said...

Some nice pix up there. Keep crow'n. Hope all is well.