Monday, October 08, 2012

From the Garage: 1st Boardy

As mentioned a few weeks back, have been working on a build a little Tipi. Since we find ourselves currently residing in a city by the sea and far far away from any form of a lodge pole pines I have resorted to to ripping and hand shaping all of the poles for the Tipi frame.
*Side note: this way of obtaining poles is so NOT recommended! (more on this and the details of the Tipi build later)

While digging around the looking for my draw knife to help with the pole shaping I stumbled upon one of my old suit cases tucked away on a shelf.

Within the case I found my first pair of canvas Board Shorts that I built for a runway show I participated in a few years back while still living up in The Great Pacific Northwest.  It uses canvas that I hand block printed from a block that I carved.


 Detail of the solid pocket with painted wooden button closure.

 Block Print Detail

As we get back into the swing of things with REDCROW there are a few ideas in works that tie back to this very item. Of course there will be updates with the goodies as they are put into play.

Well, a new week is upon us and is ours to grasp. Go build something and have a good one.
Back to it...

>>>--"keep On Crow'N--->

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