Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From The Wood Pile: The REDCROW Shelf {Final}

Once the shelf went up all of my junk and clutter piled on the work table was cleared off and the studio is finally put together.

There is something about having and organized space that is so inviting and motivating to build and create. The funny thing is there was a point in the middle of the shelf build that I actually did not want to finish it because I knew that it would be complete and the project over. I think sometimes the journey can be just as great or better than the destination. Well, time to get to building the goods that have been piling up behind the excuses.

If you have built anything lately please share I would like to see what others are working on.
Back to it.

>>>--"Keep On Crow'n"--->


Drew said...

Mr Ray,
Long time follower of your blog and have been inspired by your creativity and encouragements several times. I've been working on a few things lately, mostly modification of existing things. http://www.countryboybigcity.com/?p=488

I know what you mean about not wanting projects to finish. As soon as they're done, you're left with this feeling of, "what am I doing NOW?"

Cheers, and keep posting!

Redcrow said...

Hello Drew,

Thanks for following along and for posting your link. Stoked to hear that I have inspired you. That has been a big part of why I started playing with this thing, to build, collect and inspire.
Keep at it!


Rick said...

Mr Ray,

When displaying the American Flag in a vertical fashion, the blue field always goes on the left.

Carry on,