Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspo From Books.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just a strange bloke, as I love books. Nothing strange about that, I know, but I love to read non fiction books. Fiction just dose not do it for me. But if I really want to settled down for a good read I like to turn to a good biography. Stories of real folks doing what they do. Overcoming adversity. Making do with what is given them, or just the story of how they got to where they are today. In some cases what they did with the life they were given here on earth... I just like learning about how people do things. One such part of that interest is, being that I find myself feeding my family thru employment in the Apparel and Design field, that of Designers sketch books and or Pin boards (aka:mood boards, season boards or just, inspiration boards).
A while back I picked up one such book at a roadside stand along the information highway, Fashion Designers Sketchbook by Hywel Davies
There are a lot of really great Designers found within the pages of said book such as Aitor Throup and Margaret Howell. One that recently jumped out at me upon a revisit from the book shelf was that of Frank Leder.
So now I share with you these wonderful pages. Enjoy.

On another note, not only do I enjoy books, I have an addiction to collecting images. If you find yourself on a similar path, or just like to see what people are collecting image wise, please follow me on my latest online addiction Pintrest
Well the week has just begun. Hope you have a good one.
Oh and 18 more days and counting....

"Remember the Golden Rule"

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