Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Countdown RWC 2011:18

Growing up on a skateboard & snowboard in the "salty city" was great fun filled with adventure, creativity, and the occasional  unwanted torment from jocks and cowboys (usually one in the same) The unwritten rule at the time was to never mix any interests of team sports with your passion or time diversion of skateboarding. How did my "friend" put it when I wanted to have a go at trying out for the Grid Iron HS team, "yeah that would be cool, the football team caption riding a skateboard" followed by much laughter.... Funny how times change, now the jocks look like the skateboarders or is it the hessians or is it the hipster cool guy or is it.... I must be old cause the kids all look the same to me.
Anyway I digress. Long story short. I still struggle with liking team sports as if it still feels like I am doing something wrong (oh HS)
Ah no more my friend. Enter the wonderful world of RUGBY. The game of Gentilmen. "The Game Played in Heaven." American Football, or Grid Iron, would not exist without this game. It is steeped in a great history filled with various rivalries. New Zealand and Australia. England and Wales, etc.  But at the end of each match both sides join together, winner with Looser, and raise a glass to an 80 minute non-stop diversion of blood, sweat and cheers!
In exactly 18 days from the time I am writing this the 2nd most watched sporting event in the world (Football(soccer) world cup is still the most watched) begins in Aotearoa, land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand. A place where Rugby is more than a sport but a passion.  The Rugby World Cup. Since I like the game and I am very excited about the coming events I plan to do an image a day from Rugby: the Golden Age. (yes another book) till opening ceremonies. Starting off here with a total action shot to get you hooked.
Local Game, Location not know, Circa 1960. Photographer not known
Well back to it.
"Remember the Golden Rule"

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