Monday, May 09, 2011

Redcrow Neckwear.

As I have been sidetracked with life and everything else but updating this here blog over the last several months, I have failed to post up some neckwear goods that I built ages ago. So as per a request for some images, I figured why not share.
Gives a Smile

Shirt Weight Bow Tie with Button Neck Adjustment. Hand Distressed Bandanna Bow Tie with Button Neck Adjustment.

Detail of Bow Tie Shapes.
Button Neck Adjustment, Detail.
Unlined Shirt Weight Necktie With Rolled Hem.
Detail of Rolled Hem with Topstitching.
100% Tartan Wool Plaid Necktie.
Tea Dyed Cotton Shirting Facing
Tie Loop, Detail.


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