Monday, June 01, 2009

Click 2 Link.

There seams to be more and more image only style blogs and web sites popping up all the time. Add my recent addition to the world of blogs as one of 'those' type for online viewing, The Weekenders. It started as a kind of loose online "club" format based around an interest in Hot Rods and car kulture were me and a few friends living in other states can post images of what we are up to or current finds that fit into our common interest and hobbies, cause working a 9-5 you find that you live for the weekend to do your own thing and to help pay for it... Well it has kind of turned into an addiction of sorts for me. I have a problem, I LOVE collecting images! But unlike other similar type sites and blogs that post only images we have made it more of an image "link" list. How it works is most images when you click on them will take you to the source of that original image. I find that when I see a cool image or something of interest I want to know more or find out how I can get a hold of it or whatever and so the link just takes it to a diffrent level of use than just a great image or thing of intrest. If you want to check it out go here.

Sorry to anyone who actuly visits REDCROW regularly, I have been weak with my post and do not have any great excuse other than life. That is also what is nice about the Weekenders site, I find something and can just link it and let the viewer discover more about it with out my biased view or opinion on it....

I hope to get back into the swing of things and post at least once or twice a week here on REDCROW but be sure to check out The Weekenders often cause that usualy get 3 or 4 post ups every day or so. If you like what you see when you are there and have similar intrests shoot me an email( tell'n us a little about yourself and we can add you to our member list if you would like.


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