Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little Pice of Work.

Not so long ago there was a celebration of marriage to my significant other, going on 8 years. My wife wanted a nice necklace with the initials of our two boys. She had a few images and ideas that she floated my way and then left it up to me to make it happen.
I have a friend that I met a long while back who is now pushing her way in life one fine crafted piece of metal at a time. She dose really good work and has been very kind in giving away her secrets to me in the ways of making it on your own. I sent the ideas for a necklace over to her and we worked out a few details and then she made it happen!
So AWESOME. Now it is nothing fancy, just a few disks with the first letters of our boys and my wife's birth stone but it is always really cool to have something that someone actually made with their own hands. My wife loves it and has not taken it off since I put it on her a few months ago.

If you need any gift ideas or have an idea for some well crafted jewelry hit up Christine over at Chocolate and Steel and if you are nice she will take care of you for sure.... Check out her shop and blog and even a web site.

And if you are reading this Christine, thank you again for the awesome piece!


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Chocolate and Steel said...

how did I miss this! Thanks for the mention. So glad she likes it:)