Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Open the Book.

As you might have heard I had lost my 9-5 back in July and recently was blessed with a job opportunity to start a new line for O'Neill... 2 Weeks later and we found ourselves back in the same boat but without a paddle. They powers that be decided now was not a good time to start something new so they put the project on hold... indefinitely.
Well we have been carving a new paddle from drift wood that happened to bump into our boat as we've been drifting along in the muddy currents of life. This new paddle, or plan if you will, is something that I have been putting off for a long time and I think the time is right to go back to school. So I have started the application process to go to BYU. If my 18 year old self knew that when he got to be this age that he would be trying to get into BYU I am sure he would just laugh and say 'yea right'.
(I like this old logo that they used from 1969 till 1998 Why do people fell like things need to be new all of the time???)

But like I mentioned in the last post that when we get older our priorities change. I am really excited to go to school! A chance to get in and experiment and really find, develop and build on my own style and try a few new things and explore options that I would not be able to do in the fulltime work place. It is not going to be easy with the wife and two kids under the age of three to take care of but I think and hope that it will be worth it. Now I just need to get in and get accepted to the program that I am trying to do. Lets turn that page of life.

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