Monday, November 24, 2008

I Have Been Tagged.

A little while back I was tagged by Becka and posted directly to her comments. Well I was tagged again. This time I want to do it a little different so check out the following:
seven little known facts about me...

1) I love the word 'Amphibian'. Not sure why, one day I was telling my boys about frogs and said the word and thought 'I like this word'.
2) My favorite flower is an Orchid. But you say there are over 25,000 known species of Orchids which one?... All of them. I have purchased many for the wife over the years and secretly I was doing it for myself. Thought I have still never been able to get them to re-bloom.

3) In high school I hated science and any class that I was forced to take, along with math. (though one of my favorite teachers was a science teacher???) Recently science has become very interesting to me, especially Botany. Strange how as we get older our interest and priorities change.

4) I want to own a farm. A few chickens, a couple of horses and cows, ducks and sheep. But of course the barn has to be set up as my design studio with fabric, ink, sewing machines, and place to just make messes and build things.

5) My great great uncle is Robert Leroy Parker aka. Butch Cassidy. When I was young I asked if I could have the middle name Leroy. I wanted to be an outlaw in the wild west.

6) I hope to one day write and illustrate a book. Not sure what about but I want to do it.
7) I have seasonal depression as in I need change of seasons (why LA is such a crap place to live no seasons) Autumn and Winter are my favorite time of the year.
All right there you have it.
I am suppose to pass this on but I will just let that slide.


tumbleweed said...

there i was beginning to regret having passed on the whole tag being such a pain to deal with, really...and you come up with a bunch of good stories and fantastic pix. i've learned my lesson, too....any future tags are just gonna slide as well...
best wishes

Redcrow said...

No worries. When I got down to number seven I was in a grove and wanted to continue.... But did not want to over do it.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Well I have to tell you, these are the most interesting tag facts about anyone I have read, ever.. Your family and you will do well...
Good Luck!