Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ESCAPE TO VICTORY - England vs Sweden in Kiev from Beija Films on Vimeo.

Stumbled upon this fine moving picture the other day. It comes following the steps of Paszport! – a limit release zine collaboration from the Rig Out and creative agency Mother London. The film fills the void following along with folks from England as they travel and gather together with like minded countrymen at the Euro Cup 2012. After watching their team lose on penalties in an unbearable and heartbreaking final, you may ask yourself why? Why would anyone would travel hundreds of miles to foreign lands, with the great possibility they (their chosen team) will not come away victorious?. View the above and it will may shed light onto your question. Like most things that become an obsession or passion it all can be traced back to goodtimes, no matter what the final result.

Back to it...
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