Thursday, June 07, 2012

From the Video Valt: Twelve O'clock High

Been on this kick lately watching old films that are about the "War Birds" of WWII.
The most recently viewed film was Twelve O'clock High.
By the Movie Poster above it is kind of misleading as I am not quite sure what movie they were selling as it has nothing to do with "the women"...?  To find out about the actual story of the film click the link above.
What good is just watching a film and not taking advantage of the digital media that is at the ol finger tips? So here are a few stills that I shot while enjoying this classic flick. Side note, this film uses actual air footage that was shot on bombing raids on Germany by both American and German camera men.... There also is a lot of really great detail through out the film.

since we are sharing might as well add a great clip from the film.

Well the weekend is fast approaching.  I hope your week has been a good one and that your weekend is even better.
Back to it.

>>>--"Keep On Crow'N"--->

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