Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Useless Wooden Push Toy.

Been chatting with a buddy at the current 9-5 about some of the various projects that I have built and crafted together over the years and kinda got stoked to go play with an old idea that was kicked around for a while way back in 2006. So I am dusting off the 'ol paint brushes, oiling the rusted joints and giving it a go to try and bring some life back into this forgotten project. I am going about it with no expectations or a road map. Just going to start wandering with it and see where it might take us.
Starting out on this adventure I figured might as well mess with this here unused skate deck.

First thing first, need to rid it of it's original art and start fresh.

After a little elbow grease...

 time for a pass with a new coat of paint.

Yeah some of the images I shot 'em with the phone in poor light cause I was too lazy to get out the nikon....
Anyway, next up will be laying down some ruff outlines and giving it new life.
More on that as it progresses...
Till then ... "Keep 'em Flying"

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