Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back South.

That is right we are back in SoCal!!!
Sorry for such a long absence away from posting anything. Since January of this the 2011 I have been in talks with folks that finally recived an offer for an amazing opportunity that, unfortunately, brings us come back to SoCal. I am in charge of starting a new apparel division for a big company that is part of an even bigger company. But it is totally an awesome thing because it is focused on an older demographic (my age) and is Heritage based with some tech mixed in. Right up my alley! It has now been about a month since my family and I packed up our home in 'The Great Pacific Northwest' and dragged ourselves down to 'Surf City, USA', our new home. So as I continue to get settled into our new Home, new job and new location my postings and build of goods my be few and far between. But with a new home comes a new garage and I am slowly, but surely, working to get the new workspace all set up and really would like to get back to building goods by the end of July, for sure!
So till then keep doing what you love and making things that you are stoked on....



patrick segui said...

good to see you back on the blogosphere and with good news too .

Redcrow said...

Thanks! I hope to keep it up but I am preparing for and leaving to Hong Kong this Sunday! Get to go and celebrate our good 'ol Independence Day in China....????