Saturday, April 16, 2011

About Face.

Well it is that time of year again... Time for some new eye enhancing spectacles!
The good thing about eye insurance is every year that you have it means your are eligible to get some new specs, under a certain price range.
The down side to this process is most optometrist only carry the latest in high fashion trend driven spectacles. But for those of you you out there who, like me, are not into having wimpy light weight eye wear with big flashy logoing and whatnot there is a place that has been around since 1865 and they continue to make the same specs they have been making for ages. Shuron Ltd. I have posted about them in the past and have been rocking the "Revelation"
frames for a few years now. Well I am in the mood for a little addition to my repertoire of face enhancing accessories. Now I got my eye on the spectacular looking "Sidewinders",
not as a replacement but an addition!
These cats over at Shuron have got a great set up in that you can "try before you buy".  They will send out as many frames as you would like and you get to try them on and send back the ones that you don't care for and keep the ones you like. I am sold.
Now if only the Revelation came with wider side pieces like the sidewinders, wouldn't that be something?......

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