Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How's That Plan.

"It Generally surprises people to find out that most artist working on something- a poem or novel, painting or photograph- don't really plan the thing out and then execute it... But even for those who do think and plan and make notes, there is still that moment- it can take a minute or months- when the thing at the core of art blooms and something that has been moving beneath the surface of their mind brakes out and floats there just outside it. They see it clearly for the first time and it's better than anything they had dreamed or planned for. It is the moments that any artist is always hoping for. And one gets to it by doing- writing, painting, clicking- not by planning. The experience is not necessarily comfortable, but the wonderful thing is that if one pays careful attention afterward, the view through one's self is wider, deeper."
Sean Kernan, Among Trees, 2003

I originally just wanted to point out the above and leave it at that but as I linked onto Mr. Kenans blog I find that he not only shoots really well he is quite the creative. Go read his blog... well it s more than just a simple blog so you need to explore and discover... and then wonder what you have been doing with your life!

Open those eyes and go.


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