Monday, September 14, 2009

My Collection: Mr. Lauren Hang Tags

It is funny some of the things that we as individuals collect...
Recently while on my little joint back down to LA I picked up a few new hang tags from Ralph Lauren and his collections of goods to add to my own collection. This is one of my random interests, collecting his hang tags.

These things are work of art just by themselves, a great example of mass produced throwaway art. He, and his team of artist and designers, do things like no one else and have such a strong focus on the full package of the look and lifestyle or RL. It is the small details that really set his goods apart from others. No one else is willing to place such expensive details on their clothing that the consumer is going to just throw away. They all are so different, just look at the detail... there is so much to discover that a scanned image do not do it justice. My collection is small but each piece has so much detail. Like the animators at Pixar when they get in a rut and need inspiration they go and watch anything from Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli and are re-inspired to push on! It is the same with me and these tags. I go to these and just spend a few minutes and ideas just start to flow.

Here are a few more scans of my little collection.Enjoy!

Just like his clothing, these items are well made and something I enjoy collecting and hope to continue to gather in the future.

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Unknown said...

Any idea where these are made?